Invertito 17 - Raimund Wolfert: Networking Facilitated by Der Eigene?

Raimund Wolfert:
Networking mit Hilfe des Eigenen?

Raimund Wolfert:
Networking Facilitated by Der Eigene?

English abstract

The estate of Swedish homosexual rights activist Eric Thorsell (1898–1980) included an index card preserved from the early 1930s, supplied by the publishing house of Adolf Brand, listing the names of fourteen men and some of their addresses. This was apparently a list of contacts in Sweden who were known to Adolf Brand and/or his magazine Der Eigene. No other examples of this card are known to exist, although the preprinted card itself was evidently a mass-produced product intended for communicating addresses. What is known is that after receiving this card, Eric Thorsell contacted at least three of the fourteen men listed, in order to establish in Sweden an organization similar to the Scientific-Humanitarian Committee. The assumption is that Adolf Brand used comparable cards in other cases too, in order to promote the networking of homosexuals outside of Berlin and Germany.

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