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Fachverband für Homosexualität und Geschichte e.V.

(Association of LGBT-Studies and History)

FHG e.V.
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50509 Köln

Our work

The Association of LGBT-Studies and History (founded in 1992) is an union of various initiatives and projects doing research on and documenting same-sex history. It is the confederation of men and women interested in the history of same-sex love, eroticism and sexuality. Most of the initiatives and individual members come from Austria, Germany and Switzerland.

During the past years, the gay and lesbian historical research has worked on reconstructing homosexualities of all sexes in different époques in various independent projects. Many archives, museums and historical societies were founded besides isolated research programs at universities.

To introduce the single initiatives to each other and to stimulate the interregional exchange of knowledge and experience, the Federation of Homosexuality and History (FHG) was founded.

The FHG promotes the exchange of experiences by organizing regular conferences, supports new initiatives in their founding, promotes the professional work within the historical research of its members and advises on questions regarding financial and organisational issues. Additionally, the federation tries to establish interregional contacts with gay and lesbian historical projects outside Germany.

Since 1999 an own scientific publication,
Invertito -
Jahrbuch für die Geschichte der Homosexualitäten

(Annual For The History Of Homosexualities),
is edited.


All persons and groups, who want to promote gay and lesbian historical work or who conduct research themselves, can become members in the federation. We kindly invite all those interested to engage as members or promoters in the FHG.

Member's fee is € 35 per year, promoting member's fee is € 45 per year, reduced fee: € 25 per year.

The members receive Invertito as part of their membership.

The juridical constitution of the federation is available as .pdf-file (sorry, only in German) and can be downloaded. If you would like to join the federation, please complete this application form, also a .pdf-file, and send it to us by mail.

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