Ariane Rüdiger:
Kleine Gruppe – große Wirkung

Ariane Rüdiger:
Small Group – Great Impact

The Importance of the Munich "AK Uferlos Lesbenpolitik" (Working Group on Lesbian Politics "Boundless") in Securing the Non-For-Profit Status of Lesbian and Gay Organizations

English abstract

In this article, Ariane Rüdiger re-constructs how the Munich activist group "AK Lesbenpolitik Uferlos" intervened as a minor initiative in the discussions on the status of lesbian and gay projects as charitable because an umbrella project was put at risk of losing this particular legal protection. Among other political actions, "AK Lesbenpolitik Uferlos" submitted a petition to the German national parliament and organized demonstrations and mail zaps. These efforts helped facilitate the legal recognition of a wide range of lesbian and gay organizations committed to cultural and social work, as well as athletic activities as we know it today as a matter of routine in the entire federal territory, including conservative German states such as Bavaria.

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