Jens Dobler:
Skandalscenen in der Komischen Oper!

Jens Dobler:
Acts of Outrage in the Komische Oper (Comic Opera)!

Homosexuals’ protest against a 1927 theater play in Berlin

English abstract

In July 1927, the Bund für Menschenrecht (BfM) launched a demonstration against a theater play which BfM representatives denounced as exploitative of anti-gay stereotypes. So far, historians have only analysed BfM’s report on the protest. Police documents, which have recently been discovered, largely confirm BfM representatives’ description of the course of events. By providing further information on venue, director, and on the play itself, these records, however, facilitate a more comprehensive historiographic judgement on the incident which can be considered as gays’ and lesbians’ first known public protest in Germany.

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